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Exciting Campaigns and Engaging Content: A Look Back on a Successful October

Updated: Sep 5

October was an exciting month for the If & When team, brainstorming two new campaigns, executing outstanding Reels, and utilising Google Ads to execute new strategies for our clients.

On the content side, Instagram Reels continues to perform outstandingly in engaging and amassing followers. The algorithm currently favours this feature – while you’ll see Reels from accounts you follow on your main feed, the Explore & Reels tab offer access to video content from other brands and creators.

In October,

the If & When team explored Reels centring on budget and food finds for shopping centres like Cabramatta Plaza and Rosemeadow Marketplace. Their audience gravitated towards content featuring grocery tips for smart shoppers, giving us more than 11,000 views on a single Reel.

Seeing that users seemed to appreciate content surrounding shopping hacks and bite sized educational pieces, we replicated the approach for another client, Super Easy Storage. We showed their audience what might happen if they book an inexperienced removalist on Moving Day, reiterating the need for experts who understand and tailor their services for individual movers. This Reel gave us over 14,000 views and counting.

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